November 04, 2014

Election Day

The radio this morning had caller after caller going on about the issues in Virginia Beach, where the touch screen machines have apparently become self aware...and decided that they are Democrats.  

Fortunately, here in Portsmouth, we use paper ballots and thus do our bit to keep Skynet at bay. 

However, this morning at my polling place there were only three other voters present and I spent less time ther than I would have if I'd stopped for gas. 

Elections are decided by those who bother to vote. 

If I can't persuade you of the importance of doing your civic duty, perhaps this young lady can. 

Gai Rei Zero's Isayama Yomi was rendered sans text by Zhen Lin 

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1 Raining in Texas; went to vote at 10:30.  Low population precinct, but was shocked to discover I was the first to arrive.

It's got me slightly worried.

Posted by: Ben at Tue Nov 4 17:52:10 2014 (S4UJw)

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