October 03, 2008

Earlier Tonight, on an all new Episode of Women Kicking Ass....

OK, it wasn't quite all that.....but damn that was a relief.

Palin is not terrifically smooth or slick, but she is articulate, clever and connects. Biden, one of the acknowledged master debaters of he Senate, actually did pretty well, yet the Governor held her own through most of the debate and had him on the defensive regards Iraq and Afghanistan. She is obviously quite knowledgeable on energy issues.

She certainly did not embarrass herself.

The Brickmuppet was pleased.

I was, however, surprised at just how positively the independents responded here.

The response on the right has been ecstatic...she has certainly, umm... rallied the base.

Actually I think Biden did not get "field dressed" at all...he did pretty good, factual fubars notwithstanding. Palin held her own and shined in several places without any FDR Television memories to help.

  I do think she did very well, but I actually agree with several of Jason Soerts quibbles here.

 Of course these are quibbles held by bloggers who are safely ensconced behind a keyboard, with no camera, or pressure to perform and come up with this stuff without once referencing the interwebs..... (I took an hour to put this post together )  

Governor Palin is about as prepared for the presidency as Clinton was, but she has the perk that she fought corruption (successfully) rather than engage in it and did so in a bipartisan manner.
This alone puts her well ahead of both Clinton and Obama.
Her depth of knowledge on energy issues is another bonus.

Another strength she has (rarely mentioned) is that, having lived in the real world until 5 weeks ago she makes an excellent foil and sounding board for McCain who has scads of experience but from a Washington perspective.

Obama and Biden reinforce each others blind spots in this regard.

There is more commentary and lots of links at The Anchoress, and scads of debate related links at Instapundit, where Glenn Reynolds points out that Biden is wrong about the Veeps constitutional job ( the VP presides over the Senate).

Most polls have the debate either being a draw or going to Biden. However, Palins very creditable performance puts to rest many of the rights fears about her which, as a morale booster may be vastly more imortant to the ticket.

Chinese Girl Kicking Edo period ass is Meow from Tsukikage Ran

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