October 21, 2020

C'est la Tempête Qui Arrive.

As part of our ongoing policy of attempting to appear big brained and sophisticated, we at Brickmuppet Blog are going to evaluate the results of having the post title in French, which none of us actually speak.

All that salt we told you to take earlier.?
Keep taking it.
But put a little aside in case you might need it for popcorn tomorrow night. 


I, for one, am still just a tad skeptical. This is too perfect, too affirming of my worst thoughts of my political opponents, and frankly too over the top horrible. 

On the other hand it fits past patterns  we've all seen with the socio-political circle in question (Clinton, Weinstein, Weiner, Frank, Edwards, Wu....) and, of course, creepy unca' Joe . 

During the Clinton years we were told that such things did not matter, and that such degeneracy was an indulgence that was an acceptable price for good governance and progressive policies. No doubt #MeToo will be flushed with prejudice if these allegations turn out to be true. However, this loathsome story is actually a side scandal only belatedly noticed during the investigation of corruption that would make a Chicago alderman blush. 

Worse, this likely doesn't matter much with regards to the election as over 40 million people have already voted. 

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