June 10, 2007

Anchoress on BBS

The Anchoress has a long and lucid post on the frothing anti-Bush hatred...
...on the right.
You knew, by the way, that George W. Bush favored eventual naturalization for illegal immigrants. He said it when he was Governor of Texas. He said it when you elected him in 2000, and again when you voted him in again in 2004. Then, in 2005, you said, “fix the long-standing immigration problem and fix it immediately, perfectly and exactly as we tell you to.” (C’mon, you know that’s what you said!) And when Bush responded, “but I’ve been really thinking about this issue since ‘way before I was president – even back when you weren’t thinking about it – and I disagree with your solution and here is why,” and you cried “betrayal.”

I had some related thoughts here. I have some problems with this president but I am deeply aware of the last two alternatives.  This immigration thing has utterly jumped the shark. 

Republican base is, for the first time, being as nutty and fanatical as the Kossacks. This is single issue idiocy of the sort that pushed Lieberman from the Democratic party.

Ignoring the ill conceived PR of the monomaniacal freakout over immigrants by people the press has been eager to paint as bigots for years, Ignoring the fact that competition is the basis of capitalism, ignoring the hypocrisy of the children of immigrants slamming the doors behind them...Lets look at this politically for a moment....

The fact is that there is particular irony there.

In the 1960's the Democrats, who had put up the immigration quotas in the 20's radically modified them to favor the third world over those from Europe.
The party had been taken over by the radical left at that time and they assumed that the immigrants from that part of the world would be a population of Che's  eager for socialism  and ensuring their rise to power.

Well they got it backwards...
The population of Europe has as high a percentage as we do of the sort of coddled upper middleclass BoBos and rich spoiled trustfunders who like Marx and Engels before them cannot conceive of being independent....the sort of people who have the leisure time and means to become activist lefties.

The populations from the third world have seen socialism....they have lived it and they have learned their lesson...they are coming here to get away from it.

This explains the sudden lack of support from the Dems...who actually killed the bill. Are there exceptions?


Is LaRaza real.....yes....so's the fricking KKK last time I checked.

We need to control the border, sure...I'm with you on that... but those of us who favor family values should not be advocating the breakup of families at the whim of govt. bureaucrats....which is what the people who are freaking out over chain migration are advocating.

I'm FOR border enforcement but I'm also for letting these people in. Percentage wise we are nowhere where we were at the turn of the last century when 13 percent or more of the total population was immigrants.

That worked out pretty well for us.

There are concerns, to be sure, getting English taught to these new Americans is right at the top...but the bill these people helped kill had the first proposed requirement for English fluency before citizenship in a very long time.

This tantrum is Jacksonianism at its worst. People who are single issue voters tend not to favor any sort of compromise.....In a republic, politics IS compromise....that's how we avoid death camps.

I'm really deeply ashamed of this whole thing...

...and given the alternative that the self destruction of the Republicans makes all too likely...not a little worried.

Enough of my blather....Anchoress has more here.

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1 Me, I ask only certain things of anyone that wants to come into this country.

One, that they came in through the front door. I don't care HOW many years they've been here; they've spent every last minute of it thumbing their noses at our laws. That makes them unfit to be here.

Two, that they come here to be AMERICANS, not hyphens. that means learning our language, learning our government system, and taking an oath to forsake all other allegiances.

Three, that they come here demonstrating an ability and a willingness to support themselves. This only comes AFTER the first two. I have no use for someone who is willing to work, but is also willing to break the law, dodge paying taxes, and demanding that they have the benefits of American citizenship without the responsibilities.

Like it or not, it remains to be seen whether a nation of ANY size and prosperity can tolerate an unceasing and ever-increasing glut of unskilled, uneducated laborers. <I>This is not a space to be making decisions based on sympathy.</i> These people aren't fleeing a crushing totalitarian regime. They're bailing out on an ostensibly representative government, one of their own making. And they are bringing next to nothing to this country with them other than the clothes on their back and the ability to do menial labor for which we already have an employment glut.

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