April 08, 2020

Perhaps Surviving in Post-Apocalyptia is Going to Prove More Challenging Than Video Games Have Led Me to Believe

For the last few days the city has been taking the opportunity presented by the stay at home order to replace the sewer and water lines on my street. (I mean what better time to disrupt people's plumbing than when you KNOW they are going to be at home, stressed out with a bunch of stir-crazy kids who can't go to school and can't go out.)

One result of this is that I've had to park a block from my house as there has been an intermittent moat in front of my driveway (and the road is closed in any event). 

This morning about 03:30, I began the trek to my van, hopped over the moat, walked down the street. Because I was early my Cell-phone-s alarm went off, blaring "Only my Railgun" into the formerly sleeping neighborhood, so  I pulled it out and fiddled with it to shut it off. While thus distracted, in the dark, I failed to notice the large crack that extended from the "moat" well into the remaining street. 

"WHAP! THUD!"...and into the moat I went. 

I landed on my arm and scraped it up pretty bad, tore the knee out of my pants, twisted my ankle and twisted my knee. I spent a few minutes looking for the cell phone which I had unfortunately silenced the instant before falling. Upon finding it, I called work and told them I might call in when I got there, got to the van, poured rubbing alcohol all over my arm and elbow. Zipped off to work and tried to walk off the knee pain. When I entered the building the supervisors, who had a view of my bloddy elbow that I did not, told me that it'd be perfectly OK if I just went home, so I went to the bathroom, looked at the elbow  in the mirror and decided that their advice was compelling.

Normally, given the deep cuts I would go to the Hospital, but they are dispensing free respiratory infections at the moment so I went home, and  
showered, broke into my rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide reserves  wrapped up the elbow and arm in surgical pads and put an ace bandage on both my knee and ankle. 

I should be back to work tomorrow. However, rolling a critical failure on the task "walk" is somewhat disheartening. 

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1 Yikes!  Careful out there and feel better soon!

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Wed Apr 8 16:33:48 2020 (045dC)

2 Ouch.

A job that requires you to work until 2AM but doesn't actually require you to move has certain advantages right now.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wed Apr 8 23:07:15 2020 (PiXy!)

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