January 25, 2013


Aieee! Break out the aerosani!

We're doomed!

ZOMG! The roads are destroyed!
The whole town is shut down.
Oh the humanity. It's a new ice age.

" Ladies and gentleman. Please be advised that residents of the southeastern corner of Virginia have a different definition of "snow" than the rest of us. "

Oh hush.. We got 3 inches and its still coming down. Besides, you Ruskies and your scary-math are no match for our knowledge that Alderaan is imaginary. (Unless, of course,  he meant Aldebaran and the Russians really ask grade schoolers questions involving celestial navigation....Then terror is completely appropriate. )

In other scary news: The likelihood of spontaneous human combustion just went up.

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January 12, 2013

This Years Flu (Updated)

It sucks.

Yes, I got a flu shot this season and I can still barely sit up.

(picture unrelated)

Update: Released from Hospital at 2 this morning with a diagnosis of Flu, Bronchitis and Inner Ear Infection and most importantly, documentation for work and school. The flu-shot either did NO good this year or without it I'd be dead. I haven't had the flu this bad in 25 years or more.
I'm getting better though. I can walk all the way to the bathroom without resting now, I can drink fluids without going into cough spasms and I've held down solid food for 4 hours. I've been in bed over 40 hours of the last 48.

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January 01, 2013

So...This is 2013

Looks acary...and potentially monstrous.

Lamia (sans text) drawn by Karbo (nsfw)


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