December 14, 2008

Signs of the times...

Our volume Friday at my UPS center was perfectly normal....for a Wednesday in July. After the big rush before and immediately after Thanksgiving, volume has been dropping in increasing increments each day. I won't mention specific volume numbers of course, but I've been at UPS 16 years, I was hired during the recession in '92...I've NEVER seen anything like this.
On the up side the hours are still christmassy....UPS is afraid of getting hit short of time when the actual presents arrive so they are keeping the extended sort time as a hedge for now in the expectation of a late spike. This is prudent from a customer service standpoint and  I'm pulling long days of double shifts (wo0t)... I still expect layoffs after Christmas though.

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December 09, 2008

Oh God...'s Christmas at UPS again.

 I'm going in early to help park the trucks and staying late to help pull them out of the building. I actually managed to make more overtime than straight time last Friday (double secret overtime!?). Anyway I'm tired, so tired that I got home Friday put the key in the door to unlock it and was momentarily puzzled when it wouldn't start...

I'm taking all the hours I can now because this may be it. Some UPS centers in Virginia are reportedly going to close after the holidays and as I mentioned previously there are lots of layoffs on the horizon. There was a big spike in volume up to yesterday but I suspect that this is companies desperately clearing inventory for tax purposes...and it is Christmas at UPS after all.

On the home front, the pickup of peril is now sporting a clutch. (yay!)

I leave for work momentarily, but here are a couple of.....

Christmas carols!

Also here...

Well, enough religion for now.....I'm off to work. Blogging is going to be necessarily light till the weekend. Stay safe!

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