August 28, 2013

Apologies all the people I butt-called...the new Blackberry holster was apparently not designed for my model.

Here is some cake as compensatio....

There was cake.

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August 27, 2013

On the Path of Ones's Life, Obstacles Can Occur

My Monday was one of those...

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August 25, 2013

But No 'Splodies Were Had That Day

I've been trying to get various things resolved at ODU over the last few days and while I accomplished a great deal, many of my efforts were to no avail. Several people I needed to talk to won't be on campus until classes start tomorrow and I don't have a good E-mail address for an instructor I NEED to get a hold of.

Then there was the little matter yesterday of the 'ODU SAFETY ALERT' which chimed in on my library workstation as I was trying to print out syllabi. ODU sends these to student's campus E-mail accounts. However ODU's G-mail system doesn't allow its E-mails to be forwarded to mobile devices so one has to physically log in to ones Student account to recieve E-mails. While I was logged on yesterday, I received the following E-mail:


A gas main has been broken during construction in Lot 19/20 behind the Batten Arts and Letters Building. ODU Police and the Norfolk Fire Department are on scene and restricting access to the area.  The Fire Department has confirmed no buildings need to be evacuated at this time.  Access to Perry Library is restricted to the 43nd  street entrance. The area should be avoided until police and fire units clear the area. 

20 minutes later the fire alarm went off and the library was evacuated.  This would have been a good to receive on my Blackberry, or the many more fashionable phones out there, but alas, ODU wants students to actually log onto their email accounts

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August 04, 2013

The Perils of Niece-Sitting

They need a different container....

....this is NOT toothpaste.

Also: "Blargh...Ptooey! Ptooey!"

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