October 14, 2010

Conspicuous Consumption

In the past I've had to rely on used cars, discarded computers and furniture out of dumpsters.
However, this week, when I managed to acquire a case of monia  it wasn't used it was pneu!

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October 07, 2010


Two term papers and scads of homework are keeping me from the pile of Anime in the "TO WATCH" que.
The heating pipe broke in the car, and did so in a completely inaccessible place so I had to call a tow truck. Do to the fact that I was actually way early ( I planed to use the gym at school) I didn't miss but 10 minutes of class.

That night however, I blew all my monies on the slot machines...Well, OK that last thing actually happened in game...

Third season...I'm gonna get that job at the pizza joint, when I'm not defeating obscure cultural references with various flavors of Ninja-Fu.

Click on the above image...you know you want to. First hit is free..(actually all hits are free). 

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Economic indicators

I don't blog about work much.
Anything that gets specific about the operation  is likely proprietary and the ins and out of moving packages are almost as interesting as watching  grass grow.

A few observations are germane to the current economy however.
I'm a part timer at a major shipping company.
I'm working just over three hours a day now. This is less than in July.
We still have laid off special service drivers.
 Talking  to those scurrilous infidels from Fed-Ex ( as I am sometimes want to do ) I have heard similar stories.

It is October.

Christmas may be....austere.

sad girl in snow by Go-To-P

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October 03, 2010


It rained solid here in Southeastern Virginia for three days. The temperature has ranged from the low 60's to the 90s. The bloated wet corpse of TS Nicole arrived Thursday with yet more rain  but added gale force winds and a tornado. The trees, which were by then sitting in soup, began to fall and take powerlines with them.

We were lucky.  We retained power except for a few very brief flickers , though internet has been twitchy.

Yesterday was a glorious respite from the rain and I drove out to Rushmere to check on my brother. This soybean field gives some idea of how much water is still about.

(This was the only place on route 10 that I could pull off and take a picture)
Last night the rains returned.
And I swear thought we had a  very slight earthquake yesterday, although a quick check indicated that the closest one yesterday was in Doswell. Perhaps the house settled.

It's nice to be loved.

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