November 29, 2013

A Pyrrhic Feast

This dinner came at great cost.

  You see, my father managed cut the end of his finger off (about a centimeter actually) yesterday morning. There was blood spurting EVERYWHERE. Of course we could not get him to go to the emergency room...because...Thanksgiving.
He didn't want to ruin Thanksgiving...
I tried to explain to him that having dinner a couple of hours late would involve less ruination than it being "....that Thanksgiving where Dad bled to death". This admonition did not have the desired there was stitching, gauze pads, a finger splint, surgical tape, peroxide and duct tape. Ironically, after the blood was cleaned off the ceiling, cooking resumed and the decision made to ummm...not serve ham or potato salad this year...the relatives ended up being three hours late anyway.

Beyond that dinner was uneventful. There were no fanatical partisan cultists in attendance to ruin the get-together for which I am quite thankful. The only further unexpected incidents involved my 18 month old niece demonstrating that she can count to 13 and the comet exploding.

Dad has had to change his dressing twice but still refuses to go to the ER. OTOH there is no longer any spurting so hopefully he is on the mend

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