June 11, 2022

Back to Work

After yet another hiatus, there is more banality below the fold.

As compensation. Here's some Klee. 


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June 03, 2022


All that talk about how COVID is "Just the flu" is somewhat misleading.

I haven't been THAT sick in years.

Not only was I having difficulty breathing, my blood pressure skyrocketed to 177/110, I ended up going to the hospital. 

After I was discharged I had great difficulty getting up the stairs, due to general weakness.

However, it's quite likely that I had a mild variant. I say this because I never lost my sense of smell or taste (at least any more that those senses are rendered wonky with any head-cold),  I never had the headache so often reported or the GI issues. 

But every time I coughed, I felt like my skeleton was trying to escape from my skin.

Because of the nigh insurmountable obstacle my stairs presented, I ended up sleeping on the downstairs couch for a few days.

Four days ago I started to improve markedly and by day-before-yesterday I felt much better.

I'm still a bit weak, but I have no other symptoms. 

Today, my state quarantine period ended and I went to work. However, UPS policy is to wear a mask for 5 days after symptoms end and, well, I can't wear a mask any more because of the stroke. I have face shields, and the boss decided that was fine but after about 10 minutes my weakness visibly caught up with me. Since we were over staffed, for a change, the supervisor decided to give me the option  home. I took him up on it. I'll report to work normally on Monday. 

I'll finally get paid again in two weeks.


Glad I've got a cushion and plenty of food stocked up. 
For a lot of people, loosing 2 weeks pay and gaining a hospital bill would be a disaster, and that is what a huge swath of our population is facing from this bug right now, assuming they don't have any co-morbidities that cause Winnie-the-Flu to leave them dead or crippled. 

This bug looks like it will be with us from now on, like a flu but far worse. We've got to learn to live with it without going bonkers or paranoid. And given the likelihood that this was a result of well intentioned but ill conceived experiments in bio-preparedness, we need to reassess our policies in that area. 

Corona-Chan remains smugly confident that we won't.

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