May 26, 2012


We are NEVER going to get the bottom of my dads boat painted.

HT Siergen in the comments.
On the upside...Georgia is FINALLY going to get some rain.

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May 22, 2012

Summer Sessions

Due to a variety of issues (Hospitalization, taking care of my mom after her stokes, kidney stones ) I had to drop most classes last semester. In order to catch up, I'm taking 9 credits in the first summer session at ODU, since this is one of the two short sessions this means 3x2.5 hour classes a day plus getting up at 3AM for work. I'm also studying for a placement test in July and working towards my online TESOL certificate on weekends.
 Posting will be light and largely restricted to weekends for at least the next month.
As partial compensation here is Rin...

Full Disclosure: It's actually super talented cosplayer Midori Kanda

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May 13, 2012

One of THOSE Weeks.

I recently discovered when trying to add a course to the second summer session that that there is a 14 credit per semester limit on what I can take at ODU now. There is a 6 credit limit on summer classes. As I had already signed up for 9 summer credits this left me worried that I would be dumped out of the classes I had enrolled in.  Additionally this complicates my plan to graduate next spring. My own illnesses as well as the time I took off to deal with Mom's strokes caused me to drop multiple classes and the summer sessions were key to my making good on part of that.

My ODU G-mail account soon provided me with some clarification on this matter. It seems that the limit was imposed because of the fact that I'm on academic probation.

Well this is logical. It makes sense to limit the number of...


I'm sorry, WHAT!?

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May 01, 2012

Skoolz AUWT Faw Summah!

We'll let this young lady comment on that for a moment.
Well in this case summer is 14 days long as I'm taking a full load of summer classes next session. Of course I'm working too.

But hey...exams are over.
I updated the last two Bodacious Space Pirates posts, which were truncated due to my schedule.

Blogging's to resume by Wednesday.

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