February 06, 2022

Adventures in Delicacies

Delicacies are funny things.

In theory, they are exquisite examples of the culinary art, spoiling the palette with orgasmic bliss delivered by the skill of a 4 star chef. 


There are also cultural delicacies. 
I think these broadly fall into two categories. 

1: A food that is the symbol of hope and survival, that a society ate during the starving time when they could find nothing else, but it is a cultural symbol of that societies perseverance and they are all attuned to have positive emotions associated with it since it is eaten only at memorial festivals. 

2: A dirty trick a society plays on outsiders, assuring them that "This is a delicacy....You'll offend us if you don't like it." all the while laughing at the stupid foreigner that they dearly wish they could just beat up. 

You know, like natto.

I am not sure which of those categories fried jellyfish fits into.

But I'm pretty sure it is one of them.

The little octopuses were quite good, aside from having jellyfish juice on them.

Jade Villa, is a somewhat austerely apportioned Chinese restaurant  in Virginia Beach. It lacks the fancy fixtures that adorn so many high end sit-down Chinese establishments, but it has a huge menu of superb and truly exotic dishes...and cultural delicacies. Out of respect to somebody that is not out of the hospital yet, I refrained, this time,  from ordering their exquisite Peking Duck. 

They have 2 menus, one a perfectly normal American style Chinese food one finds in any city (albeit very well prepared)...and the big red menu, which is in Chinese and English, and which  I have not tried everything on after several years.

I highly recommend the establishment, even if I cannot provide much heartfelt advocacy for any hypothetical National Jellyfish Association.

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