June 21, 2012

Almost Over

All papers are turned in.
Now onto Exams.
Apologies for the light posting. Short summer courses are quite vexing.

In other news Ubu is also experiencing some vexation, but of a different sort.

I may have found his problem.

Source unknown...but is likely someone familiar with Apple's quirks.

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June 12, 2012

Oy Vey

Today I went to my Literature professor and asked him for a replacement syllabus. He gave me a lecture on the importance of attendance (I'd missed class yesterday due to fallout from my grandmothers death). His response to my reason was not one of excessive empathy.  In any event he handed me the syllabus, I stormed out of class and went to lunch.

After lunch I grabbed my binder out of the car , went to the library to study, pulled out the "syllabus"and noted that it was, in fact, tomorrows test.

SO....I went to the lit department found his office and he wasn't in (Natch).
I spoke to the secretary who kind of freaked out and did NOT want to talk to me. I was walking around with a loose test.

I ended up shoving it under his door and I e-mailed him explaining the situation.
As of now there has been no reply.

UPDATE:  I did not get called before the honor council and did not get expelled. All is now well.

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June 01, 2012

The Crops are Saved!

It looks like Don has graciously provided Tidewater with some of his Midwestern weather...

Several of these obnoxious little boogers have touched down to wreak mischief over the last few hours. We have a warning until 10pm and watches until 2AM. Tornadoes are not unheard of here but so many in one day is rather unusual.

Of course we also got some of our more normal weather...just spectacularly so...this is Warwick Blvd in Newport News about 4 hours ago...

This area is about a hundred feet above sea level with the cliff overlooking the river only about 2 blocks away and yet...

The street filled remarkably fast. At one point water was flowing OUT of the storm drains. The intensity of the rain at times was incredible.

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