April 28, 2011

Suffolk sky looks like special effect from The Ten Comandments

UPDATE: The post title was sent via my Blackberry when I was out at the drugstore picking up prescriptions for my grandmother. I'm at their house now and the sky looks far less spectacular...more like an old Dr Who episode.(Oh noes! Ice Warriors!)

Tornado watch is in effect.

I'm looking at the news. The reports coming in from elsewhere in the country are grim indeed.

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April 23, 2011


The last paper of the semester, the one that went away when the laptop was stolen, the one that I subsequently lost due to a "save" glitch at the ODU library and again due to a power failure at home...is completed, AND printed out....on a robust data storage medium...paper.

The paper is in the hands of the professor and I have a backup copy.

Electrons are no longer involved in sustaining the existence of this project in any way above the chemical and atomic level and if those break down the assignment is no longer a concern.

The paper from hell is done.

I don't pretend to understand women but right now I can relate fully to the sentiments this young lady is expressing.

It's done! iTs DOnE! IT'S doNE!1!!

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