September 22, 2011

The End

My graduation plans were an intricate Jenga game of prerequisites. Graduating next summer would have required several things to break my way, most notably having the required courses available, and of course, money is always an issue. Of course the whole pile of blocks could have been knocked over by an illness, loss of employment......

....or Jury Duty.

OK its a civic duty and honestly how bad can it be? I'll be on call, what, a month? + trial time if I am selected to sit on a trial?

Try Two Years....
I've never HEARD of such a thing. According to my summons: from January 2012 through December 2013 I am on call by the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia. For 2 years I have to report to the courthouse 3 days a month and can be called up for jury duty, which, unless it's a really short trial, will realistically will cause me to drop out of school again...


I can't leave the country obviously, so going to Japan to get the teaching job  I would have been able to get if I'd still be graduating in August or December of next year is right out.

All plans, all dreams derailed. The end.

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September 04, 2011

Not an Example...But a Horrible Horrible Warning

So this girl asked me...
Where did things go wrong?
And thus a history of banal failure is posted below the fold.

For those uninterested in such matters, here is Kyo-Ani's take on the Sailor Scouts.

Actually it's by someone who goes by the handles of Tom and Attopez


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