February 24, 2013

Well, I've Been Sufficiently Shamed

While virtuously scouring the internet for content to further the causes of science and liberty, I, by merest happenstance, encountered this...

Her name is Jung Da-Yeon. She's Korean, married and is a popular fitness instructor in Korea and Japan.

Her popularity stems not just from her asthetics. Less than a decade ago she didn't look this way at all....

As one can see from the before and after shots she wasn't exactly obese but she was a bit zaftig. Then, 8 years ago....


Oh...she's had at least 2 kids....

...and, she's 45...

It is vastly harder for women to loose weight than men, and I'm told it is particularly hard for them to do so after having kids and like everybody else it gets way harder to loose any weight after 35.

Here I am, a man, being all pleased with myself about loosing 35 pounds last year...despite still being about 60 pounds overweight. 

This woman lost 20 kilos (44 pounds) in three months (Though I assume the toning took longer). She did this in her late '30s after having kids and she's kept it off for 8 years now.

And did I mention that she's...a girl!
(If I needed to you may have monitor issues.)

That's it... no more Mountain Dew.

I'm 42. I blew up like a balloon after a steroid regimen following surgeries for service related injuries..but this woman has had two kids so mine is probably a comparable or lesser issue. As a guy I certainly should be able to do this. I'm already a third of the way there weight wise, but damn she's just embarrassing me.

...also inspiring...and stuff.

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