July 26, 2008

Chinese Food Bleg

Many years ago, when the horizons were broad, anything was possible, the sky was the limit and I had not irredeemably FUBAR'ed my life in so many ways, I  worked in a  Chinese restaurant. I did not realize it when I was misspending my youth, but that place was rather unusual.

Golden Fortune, on Olney road in Norfolk, was (and is) a tiny little takeout place, squeezed between a Chinese Laundry and an office suite. It sports a completely nondescript facade, and from appearances could be one of a hundred other chop suey joints in Hampton Roads. The shops menu is actually a bit smaller than most places, but there is one glaring difference....
...the staff cooks EVERYTHING fresh.

They make their own egg rolls, wrap their own wontons, make the soups all from scratch, shop daily between the local produce markets for the freshest vegetables.

Anyway, they rock.

  20 years on they are still there and as good as ever, though I discovered today that their menu has recently had some changes.

  Previously they had a spicy chicken dish, General Tang's Chicken. (Who General Tang was I don't know but damn' that guy could cook!) The dish was a spicy chicken/vegetable medley completely different from General Tso's breaded sweet candy chicken chunks (which are also on the menu) that are a fixture at most Chinese take out places. I gather that this led to some consternation from people who assume that all Chinese generals were alike, and who carelessly ordered chicken from the wrong general.

Today the dish had been renamed Generally Tangy Chicken....

This is not the first time they've had to do this. Some time ago,
Golden Fortune Chicken was given the unfathomably inscrutable designation, Marinated Boneless Crispy Chicken With Chinese Vegetables.

I hope this resolves their customers confusion.

I also note in passing that China is well ahead of the US in the international chicken wars with regards to rank.

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July 23, 2008

An Important Note

Bob is Always Right

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July 18, 2008

Reflecting Upon the Recent Past

I spent most of yesterday  very closely contemplating  my diet over the last couple of days....which contained a surprisingly large proportion of Almonds...

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July 06, 2008


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