November 23, 2012


So earlier today,  at my folks house, I was getting of the shower when I heard a scream...not  an "eek!" a scream that could wake the dead. I threw a towl around me and ran out as my mom shouted in a hysterical pleading horrified voice..."GET DOWN HERE NOW"

I was halfway down the stairs when she ran into the living room and looked up at me with a face that could only mean someone died.

I was almost to the bottom when she said..."There's a stinkbug in the kitchen on the..."

...back up the...stairs into the bathroom, I quickly dried and put on pants as she began shouting stinkbug status reports with the urgency and intensity of Herbert Morrison covering a dirigible crash. "It's at the edge of the fan! It's right there. It's walking to the end! GET IN HERE!"
Oh the humanity..
She then ran into the living room and stopped me wanting to know why i had turned around to which I replied "...pants..."She explained that she couldn't reach the ceiling fan and the stinkbug was right over the cake mix and THANKSGIVING WAS GOING TO BE RUINED and I had to prevent the stinkbug from falling in the cake-mix (or the gravy) and....
I couldn't get into the kitchen from the dining room because she was standing in my way explaining so I went around and entered the kitchen through the hallway.

No stinkbug.

I searched. I searched. No stinkbug.

She ran and got my dad from the garage and the two of us did a thorough stinkbug sweep...but the stinkbug had left.

Or had it?

She glared in horror at the cake mix, the sugar and the gravy.

There was a good 15 minutes of dad and I sifting and pouring before we could convince her that the stinkbug had not  buried itself in her ingredients and had simply flown away.

In fairness she'd been working on this for a VERY long time.

In any event Thanksgiving dinner was awesome...despite the knowledge that somewhere out there the stinkbug still lurks.

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November 08, 2012

A Few Quick Notes on Status and Such

Well, Tuesday/Wednesday was a bummer for other reasons. In addition to a funk I think I've been passing the last item in my kidney stone reserve. Wednesday evening I was assaulted by a plate of Szechuan beef which wrought chaos upon my digestive track.

My plans to graduate in the Spring or Summer, comes down to class availability. I was informed that one class I need is unlikely to be available until next fall. In the grand scheme of things a 4 month delay and a very light load last semester is not THAT big a deal, but it is highly annoying. I'm going to speak to my adviser next week about taking it as a topics course over the summer, but I'm told that is unlikely because....'Because.' Meh...I'm almost there.

Lots of papers this semester. I still have 12 page, 8 page and 5 page papers coming up in various classes over the next 2 weeks.

I split the B&tB clip from the assessment post, which started out as just a cheer-up post when I got to rambling,

I've started to...oh my...What is this?

It’s IJNS 無理ですsource unknown Click here to embigulate

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