September 27, 2023

'Tap Tap Tap' "Is This Thing On?"

Banality Is Below Fold:

Picture is Unrelated: 

I'm still having issues with the blog, the above silly image took 8 tries. HOWEVER, I actually WAS able to load it. The Sept. 11 post's image loaded on the first try, so I thought I was back in business. Alas...the post I tried the next day was lost, and this continued until I screamed, stamped my feet, and gave up.

The issue seems to be browser and Mac related. logs me out periodically when I hit "POST". The interval is not fixed but it has resulted in several posts being lost. I'm going to copy this post before I post it and just TRY & TRY & TRY until it actually posts, which should work. I may go back to typing posts in WORD and copy-pasting them. I'd stopped because that leads to formatting issues, but since images are SO hard to post, I probably won't be posting a lot of those going forward, making formatting less of an issue. 

Aside from the blog life has been....well, I've been alive. 

I was on vacation in August. During that time my cars fuel pump died ($1400.00). A tire blew the middle of the Great Dismal Swamp. 6 cans of fruit exploded and filled my Paimon closet with botulism. My lawnmower died. The discharge hose on my washing machine sprung a leak and filled my garage with soapy bleach water. A flood filled my garage with stinky swamp water (If ONLY those two incidents had been reversed) . 

I'm still streaming, viewership has been light, a PNG tuber with a neurological condition playing games that an iMac and PS2 can handle is not a genre with a wide and deep following, but I have been successful in my main goal of improving my speech post-stroke. My eye-hand coordination...less a comical degree if you watch me game. I have actually done a number of collaborations with some V-tubers. Mostly, though I'm streaming 4 days a week in a holding pattern, while I try to get enough free cash between disasters to buy a real computer that won't melt if I play real games or run a rigged model on it. 

Health-wise my coordination continues to improve, the very expensive injections in my knees have reduced my walking pain from agony to a dull I am more mobile and have been able to get back on top of domestic maintenance. My annual physical brought mostly good news, I'm in decent health for a 53 year old, especially one recovering from a stroke. The one bit of concern I had was a potential skin cancer on my face, I asked, and recieved a referral to the dermatologist, and had the appointment set for he end of October, however the concerning spot has grown from the size if a grain of rice to the size of a dime in four weeks and is acting in a way not consistent with human skin. So...I drove out to Suffolk to the dermatologist to see if I could get my exam moved up. The dermatologist took one look at my face and said he'd see me tomorrow. 
IDK how much of my face they are going to cut off but I'm relieved to get this looked at. 

And a bit concerned. 

I'm still having difficulty reading books, but I'm improving, the headaches are much less frequent and I have acquired another 'to read' backlog. My Japanese has deteriorated badly since the stroke but I'm taking an online course to fix that. 

Despite everything, I'm still employed, in mostly good health and paying all my bills, so I'm actually better off than a lot of people who are dealing with the issues of the day. 

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1 How did your face thing go? My dad has had a lot of little melanomas taken off his face, but no bigger ones. 
The one most recent surgeon my dad has used has a new toy, where he and his tiny robot can remove skin or flesh, layer by layer while looking through a microscope, so that he can biopsy as he goes. And when he gets to the layer under the problem, he stops. Which is basically right up there with jet packs...especially since he does it in his office.
But I think not many skin doctors/surgeons have that yet. It is usually just cut off or freeze off, and that works too.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Thu Sep 28 07:54:39 2023 (sF8WE)

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