April 10, 2021


Just a brief rundown of various IRL issues. As usual at such times, the picture is unrelated and the banality is below the fold . 

Genshin Impact's Fischl, the high priestess of asymmetry, chunni, and crazy is by Shichijou Natori. Support their work on Fanbox!

I'm currently processing three kidney stones, and have a hyperextended wrist. This has made my warehouse job rather challenging, especially given that after weeks of concern that volume was tumbling, someone pressed the "BOX" button at work. We have been deluged in a tsunami of boxes with volume approaching late November/early December numbers.This is not as bad as it was this time last year during the panics, but it does indicate that people are still ordering at home QUITE a lot. What this bodes for small businesses I don't want to think about. The work is coinciding with a round of quittings. Quittings are distinct from resignations, which , in turn, are calm, deliberate processes as opposed to just throwing a tantrum deciding there is too much work and leaving the building never to return. 

(Rant about these kids today and those smug, spiteful clouds goes here).

I, on the other hand, am hurting, but making bank.

I may have my right side kidney completely blocked by a stone. This is....worrisome. I have an appointment Tuesday to clarify matters. 

The house was aparrantly indirectly struck by lightning last week. On the one hand, there turns out to be a separate breaker, distinct from the breaker box (actually just an overload trip switch) in the garage that acts as additional protection to the upstairs. On the other hand it would have been nice to know that the upstairs was not completely fried. On the gripping hand this switch, is cleverly concealed in a most inconvenient location in the garage. On the invisible disembodied gloved hand, no electrician had to be paid. 

My refrigerator died though. 

The new alarm works.

The artist I was getting my Twitch emotes and rig from was unable to do them, the second artist has stopped taking commissions. All is on hold for a week or two while I assess my medical issues and look into Bitchute's new, oft promised, streaming service, given that Twitch is using The Lives of Others as a how-too manual. 

A Tornado paid a visit Friday, but was kind enough to only leave limbs in the yard. 

I am scheduled to get my COVID vaccine "by the 17th". 

The wrist is no longer annoyed by the specific angle I hold my mouse at, so, given that there is power now, blogging should resume.  

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1 We can only assume that some generations ago, one of your ancestors violated the tomb of a vengeful ancient god, urinated in the sacrificial bowl, and then threw it through a mirror. That might possibly explain your luck.
May your boxes be light and easily moved, your stones likewise small and easily passed, and your wrist free of pain as soon as possible!

Posted by: David at Sat Apr 10 21:37:54 2021 (t/97R)

A Tornado paid a visit Friday, but was kind enough to only leave limbs in the yard.
As long as your own limbs are still attached, that's probably the best outcome.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sat Apr 10 22:09:32 2021 (PiXy!)

3 Arghhhhhhhh.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Mon Apr 12 11:15:15 2021 (cHUaN)

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