June 04, 2013

Words Cannot Express What I Feel Right Now

Despite missing over half of last semester and as a result getting several zeroes on major tests I did well enough on the exams and homework to pull a C in Japanese, thus getting me into the next Japanese class (which wont be offered after this fall until at least the fall of 2014). This will fulfill the last requirement for my major other than lower level bullsqueeze classes.

A "C" is nothing to be ecstatic about, but given the circumstances and the stakes I was chuffed.

So last night, I went online to check how much I owed the school and was astounded at my low bill. Checking my fall schedule....I saw that my Japanese class had been...

So I went and checked my college e-mails and in amongst the student announcements spam was a letter from the office of the University Registrar.

Dear Student:


During registration for the Fall 2013 semester, you enrolled in a course that has one or more prerequisites associated with it. A review of your record shows that you are missing at least one of the requirements.  As a result, we have dropped you from the course requiring the prerequisite: 

Questions about re-enrollment into a course for which you have not met the prerequisite(s) should be directed to the departmental office where the course is offered.  Instructor’s approval is required to override prerequisite errors. 




Since the Spring semester is over, some instructors may not be available to process prerequisite overrides. Students who are dropped due to prerequisites are strongly encouraged to find other courses in which to enroll.

This is the course I need, and have earned a place in despite considerable obstacles. None of the BS, make work courses will fulfill my requirement and this course that this officious incompetent has removed me from will not be offered until at least Fall 2014.

Even worse, just to add to the insult,  she typed it in Calibri Sans-Serif.

I checked my transcript...and no, everything is there. This appears to be an error, but it's an error that can only be overridden by my instructor...who is in Japan ATM and, well, the class only has one seat feft...(my seat actually, the one two thirds of the way down the aisle by the window).

So...unless I can get this resolved I could be stuck in a holding pattern for a year or more. I'm 43...I've given up not just the $40,000+ I've paid to finance these officious bullies lifestyle, I've given up wages by not traveling to get better work, or going full time...so that I could keep time aside for school.

If this appeal goes badly I can't waste another two years. I've got to start saving money for when I'm too old to work. The future has dimmed considerably, to the point that I have not been to a place this dark since Junior High School...

I can't express the feelings of despondency, defeat and impotence I'm feeling right now.

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1 They just enjoy your presence so much that they want to keep you around for another year. 

Best of luck...

Posted by: Siergen at Wed Jun 5 16:11:23 2013 (Ao4Kw)

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