August 06, 2015

Vacation DENIED

Yeah, there's been a LOT of perfunctory posting recently.
As "blog" theoretically means Biographical log, for those interested, there is a disquisition on the banal reasons for this extended programming anomaly below the fold. 

As compensation, here, courtesy of  GATE, (this season's surprisingly enjoyable and intelligent fantasy) is Tuka, Chuka or possibly Tsuka.

However her name is transliterated, the art is by Otono Fei.

A few months ago, a series of large medical bills had left me in arrears on tuition, with all my credit cards maxed out, thousands in medical bills still outstanding. A few weeks before that I was contemplating where I would be renting an apartment and where I'd go for my vacation, Japan or Costa Rica, so there was a big step down in aspirations. 

It was, however, immensely fortuitous that the bills arrived BEFORE I'd signed the lease or bought plane tickets. 

Fortuitously, I've been able to work extra shifts throughout the summer thanks to a variety of factors ranging from my extensive qualifications, the beed to cover for other employees vacations and the fact that so many of the recent hires quite because "THESE DARNED KIDS TODAY!"

I've gotten my medical bills paid, my credit cards paid down and my tuition almost paid off (I still have some of the upcoming semester to pay. 

I'm also working through my vacation, which is not generally allowed but promotions and attrition have been inane this summer.  My favorite question from the new hires is "When are you going to fix the air conditioner?"
We work in a warehouse with open bay doors that trucks move in and out of...

In any event there is light at the end of the tunnel financially, aside from the lack of a vacation, the only real annoyance is that the university kicked me out of my classes, so I have to go and plead with professors to overload me into their classes....once the lock is off my account in a week or so. 

I've been exceedingly lucky in this, in that I was able to up my hours and pay down my unexpected debts. I cannot imagine how people with less flexible scheduling are dealing with the Gruberization of their health insurance. I'm following this Obamacare debacle closely and this was still a completely unexpected reduction in coverage. (I'd checked and the coverage was largely the was the definition of Standard and Customary that had shifted, and that was not visible).  

In other news my optical coverage change was bizarre, i went from lenses covered but not frames to the I got some really spiffy titanium frames to go with my...400 dollar collection of lenses. ('The HELL?!)

So, aside fro the fact that I'm avoiding doctors now, things are looking up. 

I'm just busy and without a vacation.

And in reality the first of those two complaints is a blessing, the second is a first world problem.

Less so is the fact that Mom is going into surgery in a few weeks. Fortunately, I'm still here to help around the house. 

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