January 04, 2012

Update on Occurrances in the Brickmuppet Bunker

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It's been hectic.
My sister delivered 'teh niece'...who came into the world weighing 9 pounds and sporting a full head of hair. (You GO little sister!) Unfortunately, my sister is a redhead, and one of the things I learned this past week was that redheads are at high risk for pregnancy complications, particularly bleeding....which my sister did in pints. She was in the hospital 3 days, and shortly after she got home on New Years Eve, she hemorrhaged again. She seems to be OK now but the last few days have involved much commuting 130 miles between here and there, me taking care of my Grandmother, multiple medical appointments for my grandmother, and dad and returning to work at UPS for the post Christmas inventory rush.  Things are finally stabilizing now, which is good, as school starts Monday. I have quite a bit of studying to do between now and then due to the fact that I had to skip a semester of Japanese and...lo and behold my kindergarten Kanji is rusty.

I lost about a net 35 pounds last year though I'm still a good 60 pounds overweight. Given that my "off time" will overlap with the ODU pool hours this semester, I intend to get a good chunk of the remaining lard off this year.

I hope to return to Aikido in March.

Medical bills from the recent spate of hospital visits have eaten into my funds. It's going to be very tight this semester, even with my taking only 14 credits. I may end up hocking most of my DVDs Friday. Still, as I'm slated to graduate in either August or December, I'm going to try to go to Japan in August to look for a job.

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