September 27, 2014

The Good,The Bad & That's It

There is no more ugly in my world because I've removed the mirror from my room. 

Banality is below the fold. As compensation for that and a lack of respectable content, here is a piece by Fuji Choko.

I cracked a tooth last night. It was odd as I managed to do this while flossing. I think what has actually happened is I pulled off a crown on the side of one of the teeth that I broke when I bit a bullet in some alligator back in '94. I spent a good deal of today trying to find a dentist who did emergency calls on no avail. I'll see my dentist Monday or Tuesday depending on how I can schedule it around work and school. 

I was beset by a kidney stone most of the week, however when I finally succeeded in getting a urology appointment I got really good news.  I passed the one that had been bothering me and I have two very tiny stones in one kidney. It seems that I'm not making stones any more. The ones I've been dealing with over the last year are the ones that they didn't get in my surgery last year.

Oh. The joy defies words. 

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1 Congrats on the non-bad stuff.

Posted by: RickC at Sat Sep 27 23:17:48 2014 (0a7VZ)

2 ...I broke when I bit a bullet in some alligator...

Someone's been holding out on a story, I see.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun Sep 28 01:25:31 2014 (BCjxQ)

3 That image is so delightfully colorful, I think it has depleted the color receptors in my eyes and the rest of the world looks black and white.

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Sep 28 02:06:45 2014 (TJ7ih)

4 I think he merely was eating an alligator and bit upon a bullet stuck in the steak. A month ago I killed a dove and shared it with a friend, who immediately bit upon a pellet (my half was clean...).

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Mon Sep 29 11:01:16 2014 (x0uix)

5 Yeah, that's all it was.  Of course they have to kill the alligator somehow. 
Interestingly, it was the dinner where my partners and I decided to go ahead with Radcon. Upon reflection, this event could have been taken as a bad omen, but, unfortunately, I am insufficiently superstitious. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Tue Sep 30 04:03:46 2014 (DnAJl)

6 I like your Radcon story better than the one of the founder of OLS (nee Ottawa Linux Showcase), who met some initial success but could not deal with its decline and slide into irrelevance.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue Sep 30 16:22:59 2014 (x0uix)

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