August 26, 2011

Red Tailed Hawk

Today was spent running around getting the last few items secured in the yard and adding to our stockpile of petrol for the generator. This last was a minor adventure as there was no longer any gas to be had in our part of Portsmouth. I went to Newport News and on the way back saw a Hawk on I-164 get thwacked by a car and knocked into the service lane.

I pulled over, checked it out and it was alert but immobile.
Now, red tailed hawks are endangered, so If I touched it in the process of taking it to the bird rehab place I could get sent far away and fined. Also it was a red tailed could take my face off. So, I called animal control.

After a bit a Portsmouth Policeman arrived, followed by a State Trooper. We stood around while the bird glared at us.  As animal control pulled up, the bird, sensing the paddy wagon approaching, staggered up and soared away.

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