April 19, 2008

Oh teh Horrors

 I have been terribly busy. Between work, school, my drill weekend and the situation at home, I've been swamped and a bit sleep deprived

 My dad is steadily improving, which, in addition to being a great relief in its own right, is resulting in more sleep for Ken. He actually went outside the other day to practice getting in the van for doctor visits! He's been getting in and out of bed and bath unassisted for several days. Yay!
Things had been looking up the last few days....a sure sign of impending ignominy.

Shaw 'nuff, I was in an auto accident Thursday. While accelerating from a stoplight on Jefferson Ave. (and doing~20mph at the time of impact) I was rear ended by some loon who failed his 'zip 'round pokey pickup' roll.

The starboard side of the Pickup of PerilTM was quite impressively ripped, taking the taillights off it.

The buttweasel that rear ended me took off like a bat out of hell and I was unable to get his license plate despite chasing him 3 blocks...he was simply too fast.* The Police arrived after about 45 minutes and were quite professional even writing me a short note for work. Aside from being very sore Friday...and the umm... smushed truck...I suffered no ill effects.

The ill effects came from Power Point.

Friday I gave a report to my Japanese class on my stay in Japan. It was in MS PowerPoint and stored on my flash drive. Now that flash drive is....um...multi-use. This should not in fact be a problem except that the big, ginormous screen in class comes on automatically and defaults to THUMBNAILS...not icons.

So as I was scrolling through looking for the ppt. there were gasps, giggles and comments such as "Is that Chiyo Chan?" "What's with all the mermaids and girls in lab coats?" "What kind of sick dude would dress his maid in a skirt that short...and why does she have a set of handcuffs?"

The report was technically a success....and yet.

* Interestingly the NN Police officers took a while to get to me in part because they were engaged in a fruitless chase with some lunatic with a wrecked front end doing 100+mph on Jefferson all the way into York County...imagine that!

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1 It WASN'T my fault, no matter what you may say.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Wed Apr 23 20:20:15 2008 (Hrqgp)

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