July 01, 2016

My Life As a Disembodied Head (Updated)

There've been....distractions.

As compensation for that and the banality below the fold, here is 15 feet of winsome win.

I'm taking a summer Japanese class, one that I've been trying to get for years. It focuses on everyday Japanese and has scads of typing. This is largely a review with regards to grammar, but it involves a vast amount of practice, on the fly composition, and a good deal of new practical vocabulary. It also covers about 16 weeks of material in 18 days. 

The reason I've had difficulty getting this class is that I get out of work between 30 and 15 minutes before it starts. Given my hour commute from work to school, and over half an hour to my house...and this is rush hour to boot, the logistics do not work out well, however, I made arrangements with the teacher to take the class online and with my friend BOB!1!  to use a computer set up in a closet in his shop, which is a few minutes from work. I purchased a webcam and am now apparently a disembodied head in the class. This is a learning experience for everyone involved and there have been some technical difficulties, such as my initial inability to connect, the fact that WebEx would allow me to communicate with the class, the class to communicate with the Japanese conversation partners, but not me to communicate with the conversation partners, the raise hand light did not work properly and the camera was pointed in the wrong direction for a time...then today the webcam in class fell down and I watched from the closet as I helplessly rolled across the desk. 

Still, I'm able to take the class, which is a huge relief that somewhat mitigates the grief of the fall classes that were cancelled. 

I have belatedly noted, that the webcam's field of view not only encompassed me as well as the chaos of a comic store closet, but a specific component of that chaos...

...several dakimakura pillows. 

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1 I purchased a webcam and am now apparently a disembodied head in the class.

Who here remembers Max Headroom? (Heck, how many people reading this were even born when Max Headroom was on the air?)

Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Sat Jul 2 12:16:01 2016 (iohoY)

2 I remember. Had no use for the talk show/comedy character, but the adventure show was cool when it stuck to libertarian stuff. Alas, it tended to go liberal instead. But it was a real cyberpunk show, all the same.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Sat Jul 2 18:39:41 2016 (Pcnjn)

3 He really was 20 minutes into the future....

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Jul 2 22:21:51 2016 (5Ktpu)

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