August 02, 2009

Mad Scramble

Posting has been light. As compensation, here is the exact opposite of Möe...

Art by S. Zenith Lee (Link NSFW...and dark)
As usual the banality is below the fold.
Mom is doing much better. Dad has therefore tentatively moved up his second hip replacement to October/November.

Because of the fact that there was no one left qualified to fill a particular set of positions at work, I've been working double shifts at UPS to fill in for vacations and hospitalizations. This was MOST welcome news given the overall cut in hours.

 I've been running around school trying to get some of my rejected transfer credits reinstated, looking for a realistic assessment of when I'm going to graduate, meeting a Japanese tutor at the university, taking an online class, filing an appeal for the money spent on classes I rescheduled and ultimately dropped due to the need for me to be at home to help take care of mom, applying to get my tuition deadline moved back to December 1st, dealing with the aftermath of the burglary, and, after doing a long and painful assessment of cost/benefit and the damage....looking to find a buyer for the trailer. On top of that I had to get my fall semester books.

Moms speedy recovery has also freed up my vacation time.

 Before her prognosis, I had initially intended to go to Japan this August and attempt to accomplish everything I was unable to do last year because of various calamities. With the situation at my folks home this was obviously not in the cards.

However, starting last week I tentatively looked into the possibility of pulling off the previously planned trip on short notice. Thanks to disciplined application of  my cheap-rat-bastard-fu and the assistance of   BOB, whose travel agent was able to guarantee an expedited delivery of the all-important rail pass, I was able to whittle down  the cost of the trip minus spending money to ticket+rail pass+hostel<$1600 dollars. This would leave me with a decent ammount  of spending money, plus a small saftey margin, in the event of know...a fire or something. It would still be a high frugality trip, but I would actually be in much better shape than I was last year before the fire.
After some soul searching and number crunching, and after getting fall tuition more or less taken care of (and the balance deferred ), I went ahead and took the dive.

So another week is eaten by locusts as I run hither and yon to get everything done, but on balance the news is actually pretty good.

Note that there will be no fires, dislocated hips or broken heels on this trip.
Such things are forbidden.

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1 You're busy, but it sounds like the good kind of busy. Have fun in Japan!

Posted by: Andrew F. at Mon Aug 3 22:29:16 2009 (VbNCn)


Cool, where are you planning on visiting? Have fun!

Posted by: Andy Janes at Tue Aug 4 04:05:59 2009 (lNf10)

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