December 21, 2010

Jingle Hell

After the flu and associated hospitalization,  missing two to three weeks worth of classes and Christmas hours at UPS, I had exams last week. I was a bit concerned due to the large amount of class I missed just prior to exams, which resulted in this answer I gave to one of the 15 short answer questions on the Asian History Exam.

The May Fourth Movement was a political movement that began on May Fourth in a certain Asian country. Regrettably, as I have been absent for three weeks I cannot be more specific than this technically correct definition. This is the third sentence as required by the instructions.

Despite this, I just found out that I got an "A"on that exam. Wo0t!

It's Christmas week.
I work at UPS.
So, in lieu of content, here is some Christmas cheer.

As an added bonus, as per a request from Ubu, here is another picture of a bunny suit.

Now back to unlimited cardboard box works...

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1 Well stated!  Many moons ago, I was a TA in the History Department at a (semi)major state institution.  In that context, I once gave two bonus points on a final exam to a gentleman who left an extremely detailed drawing of a union soldier on the front of his blue book (course was US History to 1865).  I also recall giving extra credit to a strangely feminist interpretation of the collapse of the Roman Empire which was, however, illustrated with enough facts to show that the author had at least paid some attention to both text and lectures--which was far more than some of the other examinees had done. 

Frankness and originality was always worth a little something extra!

Posted by: go-daigo at Tue Dec 21 19:20:12 2010 (jfyJw)

2 And Saber in a bunny suit is always good.  But how cruel to put that behind an NSFW tag.... you toy with me sir!

Posted by: ubu at Sun Dec 26 13:59:55 2010 (GfCSm)

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