November 29, 2014

FREE (for a day)


Ignore the stressed out Christmas help. She's exaggerating slightly. Christmas at UPS is rough on the temps...and anyway, the thing with the scorpions happened years ago. 

At the last minute I was told to come in 2 hours later and they sent me and the other double-shifter home a bit early when they realized we were making...entirely too much money. Thus, I only worked a bit over 10 hours. Tomorrow night though, I go in at 20:20 and will work 'till 09:00 or later. The schedule says the hours will get a bit longer each day so I'll be getting 14 by the middle of the week...just without the sweet holiday compound pay. "Mo money, mo money mo....ack! 'thud'!"

I'm SO glad I dropped those classes now. 

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