July 31, 2021

The Evolution of Policy

Well, that was short lived. 

Clown world asserts itself.

My job is quite physical and I'm getting on in years. I've been masked up since last March and as I've alluded to before, breathing through the mask while gasping for air as the mask fills up with sweat is...distressing. 

This year's summer has been noticeably harder on me than last year's was and there have been days when I've feared I might have a stroke or something. When I leave work i can literally wring out my shirt and it will expel water similar to if I'd been hosed down. This is complicated by the mask making hydration a complex evolution involving getting someone (if available) to take one's position, long enough to step outside, take off the mask drink, re-secure the mask and return to the grind. There have been numerous days that I've not been able to drink anything until the shift ends....which my kidney stones certainly appreciate. 

Masks and physical work are a shitty combination. 

I had assumed that having gotten immunized this hell would finally come to an end back in May with my second shot. Alas, company policy changed and the poke gave no respite.

All that changed Tuesday, when bringing proof of immunization gave one the option of not wearing the mask. 

For the first time in over a year, when I punched out, my chest did not hurt from my lungs sucking against the sweat soaked mask.. I was not dizzy, needing minutes to collect myself and gorge on water as I sat in my vehicle before leaving. For the first time in over a year I did not feel close to death when leaving work. I cannot express how much BETTER I felt getting off work this week. 

All that came to a crashing halt today, when, in accordance with this week's dubious CDC guidance, the company mandated masks for all employees regardless of vaccination status. 

I currently feel rather dead.

I'm too old for this. But I have a couple of debts I need to pay off before I can retire.

...like the 1778.67 dollar repair bill I had this week because fire ants ate the electrical system on my van again. The A/C has gone out too...but I'm not messing with that for now. 

So yeah, it's been a week.

What other ill omens will this year bring?


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