November 27, 2014

First World Problems

Today my Mom created what I can only assume was a pie flambe'. This is a messy dish that causes all sorts of mayhem in the kitchen. I gather that it was not to her liking since, despite the considerable effort put into the dish...and related efforts to keep the house from burning down...she decided to discard it after it had stopped smoldering. 

Since 1907 the day after Thanksgiving has been a UPS holiday. UPS only ran emergency air packages on that day. That is until this year when Amazon decided that they were going to run a special promotion and guarantee delivery on black Friday. After the PR debacle that resulted from Amazon pulling a similar move last year (guaranteeing delivery for packages shipped well after the UPS cutoff date for deliveries by Christmas), UPS decided to make it a regular work day...which came as an unpleasant shock to those who had plane tickets but no remaining personal holidays. Now, while my Thanksgiving plans are disrupted there is a silver lining. UPS is paying overtime on top of our regular holiday pay. As I could very well work over 14 hours tomorrow I'll be getting double secret overtime.

Because some of my co-workers are on medical leave, and I'm one of the few employees with qualifications to do their jobs, I'm working double shifts now. Today I worked a longer day than my longest Christmas season work day last year...I note that Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet. Lots o' money this....."thud"

Blogging will be sporadic. 

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