May 03, 2018


Be advised that banality lies below the fold.
On the bright side, here is Shantae.

Yesterday I was hobbling around campus like Quasimodo, because I'd aggravated my old Coast Guard knee injury and I could not find my cane. This morning, I was off from work as I had an 08:30 exam an intended to not be at work during that time and, even better, sleep in. Sadly, as part of my recent policy of screwing up simple tasks, I neglected to set the Alarm back, so at 03:00 horrid, soulless, C-pop techno-whatsit (which is very effective at destroying one's slumber) filled my room, I got up, hit my knee wrong and went down hard. 

I slipped again in the shower.

It took me 50 minutes to get dressed and out the door. Not able to find my cane, I grabbed a 7 foot piece of PVC pipe from the garage to act as a walking stick. It took me nearly half an hour to walk the block from my van to the days first exam. I was in so much pain I wretched on the way and when I arrived a half hour late, there was so much sweat pouring off of me and my face was so red that my Japanese instructor asked asked if I needed an ambulance. After reassuring her that the pole was not for beating anybody with, I took my exam....and between flashes of pain, I almost finished it.

I then set about the slow hobble across campus to the student center, unwittingly causing all manner of worry in the process as a 40 something bald guy grunting, red faced, cussing, shaking and fanatically grasping a 7 foot pipe is, on a normal day, one of nature's warning signs.

It turns out that all the student clinic can do is send someone to the hospital. They don't even have an X-ray machine. With another exam, I couldn't do that, lest I end up trapped. So I went home and studied until time for my exam, when I got up and realized that the knee had gotten worse. And then the tunnel was blocked....again, I terrified the local populace with my fearful pipe-wielding visage, as I hobbled at approximately 1mph across the campus to arrive late again. Despite this, I finished the 

Finishing the exam, I stopped at the student center for dinner, only to be confronted with the logistical conundrum of carrying one's tray when grasping a PVC pipe...on a really slick, polished tiled floor. 

After that visually amusing mishap, I ate, and began the 50 minute trek to walk 2 blocks. I managed to get into the van (somehow) and went to the hospital.

That was 7 pm.

Shortly before midnight, I was discharged with a splint and a work release note. X-rays came back OK so I should be back to work by Monday.

Euthanasia is not advised.

...because in other news, it does not appear right now that I will be expelled, While it did turn out that needed to take at least one other class to reach requirements, there will, in fact, be no need for sudoku.

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