August 15, 2014

Car Eating Ants (and Other Sundry Annoyances)

Ants have eaten my car. The spoiler tags on the previous post are all wonky. I did my GPA no favors with this most recent class. I've used up all my personal holidays at work for the year and it looks like I'll have to move very soon, Finally, I spent 10 minutes trying to find the ampersand on my Blackberry. 

Some of that may warrant elaboration, but for those already worn down by that fusillade of first world problems, here is Hanako playing billiards. 

My car was eaten by ants.

Allow me to explain.

I related earlier how the muffler broke off of my Cressida which shortly thereafter, in an unrelated fit of annoying behavior, suddenly began filling up with water on the passenger side. Well, it turns out that ants had taken up residence in the air conditioner condensation drain pipe. Said ants were subsequently evicted. After repairs to the exhaust pipe all was go for my trip to the mountains Wednesday. I had planned to visit some friends in Maryland this weekend before returning home. Wednesday morning, I stopped by the University on the way to drop off some paperwork and pay various fees. Unfortunately, the car refused to in would not even turn over, or run the fan, or dome light. I popped the fuse box open, inspected the fuses and found none of them burnt out. I inspected the relays and found the main covered with fried ant eggs. 
Well, THAT was an ill omen.
However, that did not account for the dome lights or other non ignition things. Nevertheless, I scrapped the ant eggs off the leads, replaced the main relay and only then noted a burned up wire on the side of the junction box..with a cluster of dead ants on it who, presumably driven to seek vengeance for their eviction from the AC drain, had apparently taken their last breath for hates sake and were no doubt stabbing at me from Hell's heart.
I brushed them off, and fiddled with the wire, at which point the car's AC fan, radio and lights came on so I rushed into the car started it and drove the ant-mobile to the nearest auto electric shop. Today I was informed that the car won't be fixed before monday, and may never run again as the ants have pretty much destroyed the junction box and electrical systems for 1982 Toyota Cressidas are pretty hard to come by. 

This is most annoying, but if these are actual crazy ants all the way up here in Virginia then it could be a real problem. Hopefully they are just bitter, vengeful ants. 

I can't get my spoiler tags to work so the previous post is all messed up. 
This is, of course, the very definition of a first world problem. 

I did much better than expected on the Japanese final exam but it was not enough to save me as the final was not heavily weighted. I haven't flunked out of school or anything but the course was certainly sobering. 

After moving in to take care of my folks during their hospitalizations I had a place lined up and was preparing to move out this spring. That was nixed when the folks announced that I was needed to housesit for them while they went to(wards) Belize. I made arrangements to move this summer but they insisted that I stay and housesit as they are going to make another go of the trip in November...and since I'm graduating in the spring there is no point in not saving the money for an extra 4 months . Yesterday they announced that they are selling the house. School starts in a week so all the convenient apartments are taken.

The ampersand on the Blackberry is associated with the SYM key which I never use because I don't text in emotie. 

I have my health, a job and in less than a year a degree, and shortly after that a full retirement, so things are not actually BAD, just annoying. 

Especially since it all happened in one week. 

Oh well...

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1 I guess the Ants ate the comment I made here before.  But it could just be the whole login expiring all the time thing again.

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Aug 16 17:37:35 2014 (TJ7ih)

2 And after you kill all the Giant Radioactive Ants, then what?

Just remember, "Them's good Eatin'."

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Aug 17 06:24:06 2014 (TJ7ih)

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