September 18, 2021

Annoyances and Frustrations

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Yeah, I know, but it was pretty canonical before the...'downgrade".
Wednesday I took the 5 hour drive back to Southeastern Virginia to see my neurologist.

In general, the medical side of things went well. The neurologist was impressed with how far I'd come and that I was walking without a walker and not really using my cane. I was informed that my stroke involved no clots. If I'd realized what was happening earlier it would have been a TSE. My blood, thickened by dehydration and too many red blood cells (from O2 deprivation) had simply stuck (but not clotted) in my brain stem. 

I explained that I intended to enroll in the outpatient physical therapy at the facility she worked for, I had been automatically enrolled at the Hospital, but as I'd been taken to my parents house that had been put on hold. The medical facility in question is just a few minutes from my house. I told her I intended to start work the middle of next month and that I was going to move back into my house that day.

She then laughed and then informed me that my progress was excellent and my motivation was admirable but that none of that would transpire. 

According to Virginia state law anybody who has a stroke has their drivers license suspended for six months after the last stroke symptom.

She lamented that no one tells anybody this in the hospital and driving on a suspended license, when the state considers you legally impaired, is a major moving violation.

She then noted that my BP had just gone to 160 over 100.

My leave of absence from work only goes through October.

I had my father drive me to work to talk to my Manager, who was very supportive. He gave me a number to call, which I did, and after going over my paperwork and doctors reports they informed me that my leave was now denied. I'm part time and had not quite made the minimum number of hours in 12 months to qualify for leave and payments.

I was no longer hooked up to a vitals monitor so I have no idea what my blood pressure was at that point.


However, that is an insurance company and my company payroll computer has me as "out on medical absence..excused". 

So I'm a pedestrian who can barely walk, and I need to get back to work ASAP as I'm relying on the company's good graces. I can't drive barring a favorable review from a DMV medical board in another month. Furthermore getting a Taxi or an Uber given local rates will eat up lots of my pay for the next few months. I've still got a bit of student loan and, of course, medical bills to pay off before I retire, but if I get terminated for not showing up, I can't retire. 

And I have a kidney stone.

Oh well. I feel much better than I did, I have food, I'm not behind on any bills, I'm able to do everything except run and jump to some degree, looking at the news is terribly depressing but it puts my problems in perspective. If I do loose everything I can get a job in six months with no issue.

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1 I found that just three deep breaths can drop my blood pressure from 160 to 120.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sun Sep 19 11:46:28 2021 (LZ7Bg)

2 Yeah, I have problems with carrying around too much tension. Breathing helps. Another thing that helps is an exercise involving lying down flat. Hands clasped behind my head. Holding my head still, and facing straight up, look as far right as my eyes travel, and hold. Breath a while. Then switch to looking left the same way, hold and breathe. Then actually turn my head to the right, hold and breath. Then the left, again. It is possible that this only has good results for me because of something wrong with me. News is depressing, but I've actually been on net positive. Compared to the first Obama years, which I spent very depressed. May just be my personal situation, and making slightly better choices in my emotions. I mean, it seems pretty clear that a few of those with power over us are deeply disturbed, and that is never a wonderful situation to feel trapped in. Compared to the Obama years, however, while I still don't see a way out, I do have a lot better understanding of the grounds for hope.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sun Sep 19 14:54:05 2021 (r9O5h)

3 Argh, I had javascript off, and so a bunch of white space was eaten.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sun Sep 19 14:55:32 2021 (r9O5h)

4 Are there any more sedentary job prospects within non-driving distance available? Given the health issue(s?), something less strenuous might be preferable.

Posted by: jabrwok at Sun Sep 19 18:37:52 2021 (iyhH7)

5 There are probably some temporary disability plans that can help out in the interim, if you do get fired. If you get going on the paperwork immediately, you may even see some cash in 6 months....

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Sep 19 22:23:35 2021 (Ix1l6)

6 You may try looking into your state's public transportation options, not to ride a bus but because many also have special discounted transportation options for the disabled, including those who can't drive. Usually something like a taxi or a van service that may only charge you a few dollars. A 30-second search turned up this:  I'm not sure how quickly you can get access to something like this, but may be worth investigating.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Mon Sep 20 07:03:42 2021 (olRfA)

7 Hope you can find another possible work place.  My son got a job with your 'current?' employer after being overseas for a number of years.  They recently told him(verbally) that he needed to go to another work site for some special training.  When he went there, his ID badge would not let him in to the different location, but he was able to talk with the people on site and show his badge and got let in.   Then said company claimed he was filing false work hours because he didn't show up for the 'mandatory' training.  Since his badge wouldn't work there he was not OFFICIALLY present, so he COULDN'T have been there for the training - so they fired him. I'm sure his being over 40 had nothing to do with the setup. Meanwhile, he has started working elsewhere.

Posted by: Frank at Tue Sep 21 15:54:06 2021 (rglbH)

8 Arrghhh.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Wed Sep 22 10:11:24 2021 (sF8WE)

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