November 08, 2012

A Few Quick Notes on Status and Such

Well, Tuesday/Wednesday was a bummer for other reasons. In addition to a funk I think I've been passing the last item in my kidney stone reserve. Wednesday evening I was assaulted by a plate of Szechuan beef which wrought chaos upon my digestive track.

My plans to graduate in the Spring or Summer, comes down to class availability. I was informed that one class I need is unlikely to be available until next fall. In the grand scheme of things a 4 month delay and a very light load last semester is not THAT big a deal, but it is highly annoying. I'm going to speak to my adviser next week about taking it as a topics course over the summer, but I'm told that is unlikely because....'Because.' Meh...I'm almost there.

Lots of papers this semester. I still have 12 page, 8 page and 5 page papers coming up in various classes over the next 2 weeks.

I split the B&tB clip from the assessment post, which started out as just a cheer-up post when I got to rambling,

I've started to...oh my...What is this?

It’s IJNS 無理ですsource unknown Click here to embigulate

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1 Good luck with those last classes.  That's a big factor in why I never got my degree, I ran into a class that was a prerequisite for six other courses I needed to graduate, and it was only offered every other semester, at a time block that I simply could not accommodate while working.  Since I already had the kind of job the degree was supposed to qualify me for, it became a no-brainer to quit.
And oh my, what a big juicy target that is.  Build it out of wood and tow it behind a submarine, just so nobody bothers to shoot at the rest of your fleet...

Posted by: David at Thu Nov 8 16:14:51 2012 (I6iFS)

2 Whatever it is, it's big enough to influence weather systems. What would the crew have been - 6.000+?

Posted by: EdwardM at Thu Nov 8 20:10:18 2012 (moC4O)

3 I bet 5000 quatloos that Wonderduck can not only identify it, but give a detailed history of it as well....

Posted by: Siergen at Thu Nov 8 20:19:32 2012 (Ao4Kw)

4 Let's see... 9 turrets, two flight decks, probably around twice the length and four times the beam of any ship built in WWII.  An Iowa or Yamamoto BB had a complement of around 2,800 people, while a Midway class CV had a complement of around 4,400.  I'd say 6000+ is a conservative estimate, I could see it being north of 8,000.  I can't believe it's a real proposal, it has to be from an anime or game.

Posted by: David at Thu Nov 8 21:31:06 2012 (vyRm+)

5 Sierg, concur about Wonderduck, but I'd like for Herr den Beste to get a shot at it first; you never know.

And yeah Dave, I'd say it's from someone's rather admirable imagination as well, but...look at all the stuff that actually DID come out of WWII.  I could see someone among the major powers at least conceiving of this, even if nothing close to it was ever built.  Kind of a WWII-era ship designer's wet dream.

Posted by: Tom at Thu Nov 8 21:47:08 2012 (X594O)

6 It's certainly nothing real, and I can't imagine any anime being desperate enough to trundle it out (though Girls und Panzer did put cities on the flight deck of really big carriers).

27 main guns, and since it's clearly based on a Yamato-class, they'd be 18.1" rifles to boot... with the worst firing arcs ever.  I'd be relatively certain that the guns couldn't fire over the flight decks for fear of damaging them, particularly A, B, Y and Z turrets.  Then the superfiring turrets probably couldn't fire directly over the turrets under them, so no firing straight ahead/behind, except for A and Z.

Except for the six sponson mounts, three on each side... they'd have relatively normal arcs of fire, except that they'd be so low that they wouldn't have as good a range, and god help you if you tried to train them out in a heavy sea!

Looks like a Navy Cross waiting to happen...

Posted by: Wonderduck at Thu Nov 8 22:32:39 2012 (lS5Cn)


Sorry, folks, I don't have a clue. I certainly never heard of anyone trying to design a monster like that.

One reason was that after WWII everyone knew that battleships were obsolete. Anyone trying to build a bigger-better carrier wouldn't bother with big guns -- and no one did.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Fri Nov 9 00:32:28 2012 (+rSRq)


By the way, 無理です reads muri desu and means "It's impossible".

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Fri Nov 9 00:34:33 2012 (+rSRq)

9 Well,I kinda made up the name. ( I didn't know the kanji for bat-scat-bonkers)

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Nov 9 01:01:58 2012 (5UcDQ)

10 Hmm...port and starboard hangar decks/launchers for aircraft, a large central hull fitted with long-range guns...  It's a WW II battlestar Galactica!!!

Posted by: Siergen at Fri Nov 9 20:50:40 2012 (Ao4Kw)

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