March 10, 2014

321 + 377 + 2

Just some kibitzing below the fold.
In lieu of content here is a Dame with a cutlass and a really big cutty thing storming a castle.

Art by S. Zenith Lee.

700 E-mails.
With exams, power outages, and crazy work hours I'd not been keeping up with my E-mail for the last couple of weeks
Well, midterms are over and this evening catching up commenced.  I got hit with some spam on my AOL account last week but mostly it was just over a months worth of E-mails (I'm on a few mailing lists, a few fandom related but mostly news, and newslike stuff). One online forum decided to send me updates of EVERY post in EVERY thread in which I've commented since the beginning of February. (Well that function has been disabled). In my student E-mail account there was he usual flurry of weather announcements, multiple daily announcements of campus activities and a flurry of e-mails that involved  handwringing over the fact that yet another student has been bludgeoned to death on a campus where everyone is by law unarmed.

2 E-mails in the spam folder...weren't, which I noted brought the total to an even 700.

Interestingly, my normal G-mail account seems to be inaccessible now. Everything defaults to my student E-mail account.

I aced my exam.

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I aced my exam.

Yay team!

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Tue Mar 11 00:14:59 2014 (+rSRq)

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