September 06, 2014

16 days

This year I ordered most of my books online online as soon as the syllabi were posted. This saved me over 300 dollars and ensured that I'd have the books when classes began...well MOST of them. One book that contains my Kanji homework was to be shipped from Delaware. Alas they were out so they had their supplier send it directly to me. 

It passed through Japanese customs on the 21st of August, 16 days ago. It arrived today, with the result that I have 2 weeks of homework ahead of me this weekend. This is in addition to an English paper due Monday and sundry other homework. 

I may be scarce for another day or two so to tide you over, here is something that my friend BOB! sent me that you probably should not try at home....

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1 Shoulda talked to me, Muppet.  Shoulda talked to me... I may not work in a college bookstore anymore, but I still know the tricks.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sat Sep 6 22:30:33 2014 (eNsTS)

2 Gainax goes digital?

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Sep 8 04:49:18 2014 (TJ7ih)

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