February 21, 2015

Tales of the Cold

Below the fold; weather related angst.
Above the fold; a picture of Arale, which is probably missing some context and is unrelated to the weather discussion in any way.

Connectivity has been twitchy.

Lows for the last few days were in the single digits, which is simply not an appropriate temperature for Virginia. Additionally, the 6 inches of snow accumulation contained a good deal of ice mixed in, reinforcing it to the point that I could walk across the front yard and only make 3 footprints. This is also improper and should be corrected forthwith.

The conversation between my dad and myself the other night as we tried in vain  for two hours to extricate my car from the 3 inches of ice it was frozen in is illustrative of the week we've been having.

Me: I Look, thanks...go back home. I'll call work. This isn't happening.
Dad: I'll bring the other car..
Me: I don't think it's going to make it out of the driveway.
Dad: Sure it will.

Well, we got the car back from the body shop, replacing the splash plate and moulding ripped out trying to drive down the street only cost 394 dollars. 

I did finally extract my car from the frozen puddle where I had abandoned it and it is now in front of my house. Work has been a zoo, because of weather delays and the fact that stuff that can't be delivered due to still impassable streets is sort of backing up. 

Lots of overtime though. 

Today it's actually in the 40s...and raining.

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1 Up here in Manassas it's cloudy, so there's no shadows outside, and the snow is still coming down hard. That makes it hard to judge how deep the snow is from inside. The weird thing is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of wind (most flakes seem to all straight down), but at ground level it is moving fast enough to keep part of my front sidewalk clear, while drifting deeply around back.  In fact, the neighbor kids just dug a tunnel through a snow drift that they can crawl through...

Posted by: Siergen at Sat Feb 21 16:58:42 2015 (ohSuC)

2 Here in Duckford, it's 29, grey and snowing a bit.  This is a refreshing change from most of the past week/month/season, where it's been grey, snowing a bit, and in the single digits.  Except when it has been grey, snowing a lot, and windy.

To be blunt, this winter has sucked, but you've gotten more snow.  You win.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sat Feb 21 17:14:26 2015 (jGQR+)

3 74F and partly cloudy in Albuquerque, wind about 12 knots by mid-day

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sat Feb 21 20:21:54 2015 (RqRa5)

4 I used to live in Herndon a couple decades ago. Once on the way home from work (In Mclean) the roads were so impassable, I became trapped between two hills. (I could have made it except some other folks who didn't know how to to handle snow and ice blocked the path.

Fortunately, a family along the way welcomed in the trapped travelers for the night. And I also learned a lesson about watching my language.

(although these days, if I have to watch my language, I make sure it's colorful).

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Feb 22 02:33:27 2015 (TJ7ih)

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