January 01, 2013

So...This is 2013

Looks acary...and potentially monstrous.

Lamia (sans text) drawn by Karbo (nsfw)

Well, as of  a few minutes after midnight, I was 43...which really hits kind of hard. Actually It's been hitting hard for about a month and a half.

2012 had the cancer scare, which after many horrific and painful tests turned out to be misdiagnosed kidney stones. (Yay!)
I had to drop out of school in the spring semester because of that and the related kidney infection, and the flu. OTOH I made up most of the lost ground (aside from one sequential prerequisite) over the summer, and fall was pretty successful too.

2013 is looking to be a rough year all around, but it is very likely to have at least one bright spot for this focus group of 1.

It looks like I will graduate this year. Unlike the last time I thought I was here, my transcript is quite thoroughly vetted.

Well, I'll likely finish college this year at any rate.

I need to start making money in a serious way and not keep giving ever increasing amounts of what I do make to bureaucrats...so I can continue spending many hours a day...not making money.  I've got perhaps 25 more productive years ahead of me assuming good health.

With that assumption in mind, I lost about 30 pounds last year. If I can continue this I'll be in decent shape by December. If I can avoid any more injuries I should be back in shape in short order, especially since he pool hours this semester actually coincide with times I'm not in class.

So things are looking good here...assuming the year doesn't turn absolutely monsterous.

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1 Happy birthday, Muppet! 

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tue Jan 1 19:27:30 2013 (cymHZ)

2 Happy birthday!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Jan 1 23:58:18 2013 (PiXy!)

3 Happy birthday!!

Posted by: JT at Fri Jan 4 18:42:03 2013 (DY79H)

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