December 06, 2020

Programming Note

If I die of a heart attack buried under a mountain of boxes, blogging at this url will cease. 

Art by Sun 3 (also here and on Twitter, Pixiv and Pixiv Sketch)
Our Christmas volume at UPS has been getting steadily heavier for the last few years. The effect on the staff has varied depending on logistical decisions. This year though, we have been at volumes ranging from late November to early December since March, due to the massive uptick in people ordering online rather than shopping.  The ungodly spikes in panic buying we saw in March and April, tapered off slightly as people calmed down and the nations toilet paper reserves were depleted.

However, now, with annual Christmas volume on top of the COVID-19 induced extra packages, we are seeing another round of panic buying, as people prepare for the 4-6 week hard lockdown announced by the presumptively incoming former VP* . Added to this is an apparent assumption that the country is about to catch fire, burn down, fall over, and then sink into the swamp, which is precipitating a massive uptick in shipments of prepper gear, survival food, and ammunition.

I can't believe how much ammo we're shipping, especially since every time I step into a gun store the ammunition shelves are spotlessly clean except for .32ACP. A few weeks ago, I talked to the proprietor of one of the larger area gun shops and he said they are getting ammo in now, but can't keep it on the shelves more than a few hours....and they are limiting purchases to two boxes per. 

U.P.S. has temporarily ceased pickups from some retailers due to the sheer volume of packages. The company has been preparing for this all year, but the panic buying on top of everything else is pushing our infrastructure past capacity. We spent this weekend catching up, and hopefully, pickups will resume in a few days. 

In my primary job, I'm lifting and dumping bags of small parcels 20 times a minute for hours on end. 

I hates me some ammunition in small boxes. 

I am exhausted, like I haven't been since basic training.

In basic training I only wore a mask during CW or DC drills. Breathing through this thing is brutal. 

But every day or two they're paying me more just in overtime to work out with free weights than a monthly membership at a gym would cost. 

I can retire at any time, and when I do, I'm gonna be buff and rich!

*No he's not legally President Elect until the Electoral College votes on the 14th . 

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1 That image is awesome, I can imagine whole stories based on what is shown there.
Oh, and please don't die buried under a mountain of boxes.

Posted by: David at Mon Dec 7 23:08:04 2020 (jdGUg)

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