May 26, 2021


Banality is below the fold. The pic is just a placeholder, but some of you may glean more from it. 

Art is by Taiwanese Artist Ikaridon, who can also be found on Pixiv Sketch, and you can also support her on Fanbox


Today, I got my second COVID shot i am now a full citizen again. I even have all the papers to show to police and concerned citizens who doubt my newly acquired social status. 

Nothing is concerning in those two sentences. Nothing at all. 

I've been sweating like a stuck pig since about half an hour after I got the shot and my lymph nodes (I think) have just started to emit a slight, dull pain. (but they are not swollen). 

Honestly, this and most of what I'm hearing regarding the side effects  remind me of what the flu shots used to be like before they worked the bugs out. I remember those used to make you feel like you had the flu for a day, but that was better than getting the flu for a week or two. 

We'll see, how this goes. Although I've been excused from going in tomorrow, I still plan to go to work if possible. 

I got the mower running long enough to finally cut the back yard. I had just gotten my weed whacker back from my folks and had cut the front with that. I think now the issue with my new 400 dollar lawn mower is that I put too much oil in it. At least it SEEMS to be running. 


This morning, on the way out to get my shot, I looked out the kitchen window in the newly cut back yard. At that moment, a squirrel walked into my field of view and pooped. It occurred to me that I had never seen a squirrel poop before. Honestly, I could have lived a fulfilled life without it, but it was surprising as I did not expect the little tree rat to contort in that way....This is largely because I had never given it a second's thought. But now I know that there is squirrel spoor in the back yard. No doubt there always has been, but I'm aware of it now and it will bother me for no good reason. 

As I type this, the sweating has stopped, but the aches have not. 

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1 Well, hypothetically, spending the body's resources producing more antigens, etc., for something you are already immune to because you already had it without symptoms might leave those resources unavailable for fighting off routine exposure to the ordinary run of freshly mutated versions of the usual strains. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Wed May 26 16:22:10 2021 (6y7dz)

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