October 07, 2009


Lucky Stars Cosplaying courtesy of KL-Chan

I've been sick so there's nothing today but some banality below the fold. As partial compensation, here is some completely unrelated promo art from Macross Frontier...wait...WHAT!!??

I was sick yesterday evening...very very sick. SO sick that I got to get a second look at everything I've eaten for the last three days.

This evening, I felt good enough to head to school. As I got dressed I was hit with a sharp pain in my right side. Well I toughed it out went to school and returned to my folks house which I am house sitting this week. The pain kept coming back. I figured I'd pulled something.

When I got up at 2AM to get ready for work I got hit with a really intense resurgence of the pain which extended into my arm and across the lower part of my ribcage...I went to my knees and broke out in a cold sweat.

Well, this was not good. I called work, explained that I was not coming to work for the second day in a row and headed to the hospital. I went into the emergency room and for the first time in many years did not have to wait...at all.....because, finally, triage was working for me!

After a battery of tests it was determined that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my heart.(yay!)  I appear to have merely barfed so hard I broke my diaphragm. The intern was really exited...she got to see something rare! I'm prescribed muscle relaxants and pain killers, but as both preclude me from doing both school and work I'll have to tough it out until Friday.....

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