December 06, 2009

Chaos Subsiding...As Christmas Begins

Lucky Star girls are from...well... Lucky Star...(duh!)

Banal Brickmuppet banality is below the fold. The above picture is unrelated.
Total tally on the actual destruction by the tree: I lost 4 bookcases full of books, 7 comic long boxes, 8 magazine boxes, 8 comic book short boxes, a case of models including all my giant robots nearly all my gaming materials a computer, a bed, a television, and my buoyancy compensator...and one mobile home. The result of all this was the discovery that toughest of the Toho monsters is in fact Gigan....only he could survive a tree.

The final chapter of the crushed trailer saga came Friday when the city of Newport News sent a codes and compliance weenie to inform me that if the trailer wasn't removed by TODAY four digit fines would be incurred by yours truly.

Feh...I'd already signed a contract and paid to have the trailer demolished. However, the contractor had multiple trailers to demolish and mine was last on the list. This was of no concern to the city. Friday therefore became a mad dash coordinating with the contractors, the trailer park and paying 1600 dollars to have the trailer carcass removed to the parks maintenance lot.
Thank GOD the house still had its wheels attached.
 Most of my surviving furniture and appliances went to either the contractors or the homeless family who had lived next door.

For the last few weeks I've been flitting around Hampton Roads in the Cressida looking for apartments and I've been shocked to learn that efficiencies in southeastern Virginia are more expensive that Tokyo Japan.

Given the fact that O.D.U. has de-acredited my CLEP and transfer credits (though I DID get credit for the courses they renumbered). I can't graduate until next December at the earliest (more likely April 2011). To that end I need to produce 4500+ book money...every four months.

Given that volume at UPS was rather frighteningly low until around Thanksgiving, (which bodes ill for my income level next year) I've resigned myself at least for a time to a level of fail well below mobile home resident, namely the parents sewing room.  I'm paying half their utilities (they won't let me pay rent) so I'm not a complete reprobate. The folks have been asking me to move in for a year so I can help out and I've certainly been over there a lot, but now that I'm there I've been demoted from sewing room resident. The guest room is for guests.

Despite the fact that most of my things perished a few boxes of books were untouched and the act of fitting the surviving desk, single bookcase, exercise bike and various sundry items into an 7 by 9 foot room (with a bed) has been challenging. (cue tiny violins)

On the upside I have recently acquired a very nice car (with A/C)....AND I'M NOT LIVING IN IT. Regards the job, I have one. Additionally, work has finally picked up to the point that we have no one laid off anymore and despite the fact that volume is down from last is still...well... Christmas at UPS, so the recent unexpected expenses will be made good in short order. Additionally I'd already paid for next semester aside from books and a few fees. . All things considered I'm very fortunate.

Anyway that's my current status. Blogging will resume shortly.

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1 Hang in there, man. I ended up moving back in with my folks to finish my last year of college too.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Mon Dec 7 15:57:06 2009 (pWQz4)

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