March 11, 2009

Banality of Terror

Last night I stopped by Worlds Best Comics...the store owened and run by BOB. After closing  BOB and I went powerwalking, as we often do, around a roughly 3.5 mile circuit through Newport News. Upon returning we talked about "the fail" a bit, BOB left and, as I was much closer to UPS than to my house, I availed myself of the "night watchman's" couch as I had to be at work in 3 hours.

I awoke suddenly with a terrible feeling of I checked my cellphone to see if the alarm was set properly.

It was dark..the battery was dead.

I checked the cash register...5:37...I was almost 2 hours late to work!
I tried to call from the store but there was no answer...which usually means things are VERY busy...not a good day to be late.
I ran out the back, secured the door ran to my truck, flew the few blocks to UPS parked on the far side of the parking lot. (It looked like EVERYONE had been called in...probably Easter rush starting) I ran to the front door, dodging the Mirelurk at the gate and ran to the timeclock and thought..."Mirelurk!?"....Whereupon I realized I was buck naked in front of everybody, at which point the cellphone alarm went off and I awoke in a cold sweat, therafter proceeding to work as normal.

Note: BOB is that guy I know who is amost never mentioned on this blog.
Note 2: Mirelurk

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1 Gaah!  Mirelurks!

Between Mirelurks, Yao Guai and Deathclaws the post-Apocalypse DC area is even scarier than the real thing!

Posted by: Civilis at Wed Mar 11 20:00:27 2009 (0P/ra)


Not to mention the odd supermutant.

Oh, wait, you said "scarier than the real thing."

Posted by: Wonderduck at Wed Mar 11 20:39:01 2009 (Duio9)

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