June 11, 2022

Back to Work

After yet another hiatus, there is more banality below the fold.

As compensation. Here's some Klee. 

I've been back to work after COVID. 

We're terribly short-staffed at work. The usual issues with the continuing supply chain issues and "T...t...these kids today!1!" are exacerbated by the Wu-Flu. Several people have contracted COVID like I did. At least one won't be back.   

The work hours are way longer to compensate for the lack of personnel, but I still periodically have to do someone else's job in addition to mine, until someone can be rotated in to help. My job is pretty hard to begin with. 

Corona-Chan takes a lot out of you, I was quite fatigued and dizzy most of the week.  I nearly fell out every day until Friday, and considered punching out and going to the hospital at one point. Friday though, I was feeling much better, and as a bonus, I was actually allowed to take off today. 

However, I did make it back to work, and I don't seem to have too many lingering issues. I'm alive, employed, have insurance, and my job does just cover my expenses, if I don't try to live beyond my means, so I'm a hell of a lot better off than a lot of people are right now.

Monday, taking advantage of a break in the rain, I cut the grass and pulled down most of the remaining ivy. The grass had gotten a bit out of control while I was down with COVID, It nearly ended me. Given work and my post Pinko-Pox prostration, I was sufficiently wiped out that initially couldn't even lift my leg enough to get in the shower , but I was quite chuffed that I got it all done before the rain. 

That was Monday. 

Thursday I got a letter from the city's department of yard police pointing out that my yard was not in compliance and if it was not up to standards by Saturday, fines, penalties, contractor fees and possible court-dates would apply. I frantically called the department of manicured lawns to find out what ELSE needed to be done, as I was at a complete loss as to what it could be. The lady at City Hall informed me that an inspector would stop by on Friday...and that the notice had been sent out a while back. 

A surprisingly long while back. I looked more closely at the letter and found it pre-dated my adventure in remedial groundskeeping. Subsequently, the inspector lady from the City Yard Police said they were going to go ahead and close out the ticket. 

There was much rejoicing. 

....which leaves my mind clear to deal with the fact that tonight is my big Twitch debut. I'm still having issues with getting video games to work, so I'm not even sure if we're going to be able to play a video game or just do a media share stream but after a stroke and two further delays, by golly the show must go on. 


There will be two very short test streams this afternoon, but the actual stream will be at 21:00 (9pm)EDT/01:00AM GMT/UTC at twitch.tv/brickmuppet .

Come for the scuff, stay for the cringe. 

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