January 25, 2015

A Few Quick Notes

I have a fair amount of homework due this week so posting is likely to be sporadic at best, especially Tuesday. As compensation for that and the banality below the fold, here is some Kongos .

As the third week of the semester begins, 4 of my books have not arrived yet. Amazon says they will arrive Tuesday, I have a paper due on a reading from one of them Wednesday (The instructor, who has been overseas did not fill out the new request form...which changed in her absence).  

Rosinante,  (my Cressida) has been in the shop for 2 and a half weeks getting the steering pump fixed. The steering pump went out over a year ago. Since the car had the steering pump as an option and steers fine with the whole assembly disconnected, and since the part hasn't been made since 1982 AND since Cash for Clunkers purged the country of junkyard parts my mechanic simply removed it and the car has driven fine since (and gotten 3 more miles to the gallon to boot). However, my mechanic retired and when I brought the car in for inspection the mechanic who had bought the business refused to certify it. A look through the state inspection book revealed that any part must be fixed if it adversely affects the driving. Well, this was a luxury item and not a safety item but the mechanic refused. I took it to another mechanic in a fit of pique and since the first mechanic had written the thing up it couldn't be passed. Thus began the quest to replace the steering pump....3 weeks later I have learned that Rosinante is special....she has a pump that was only used for half a model year and is one of the rarest prizes in all Christendom (or Japan for that matter). So the 33 year old pump has been sent out to be rebuilt....I am hoping to get the car back Wednesday. In the meantime I am driving my dad's van...which will not fit in the colleges parking garage, so I must either feed meters or park in an outlying, of-campus lot that frequently floods. 

Everything else is going fairly well. My work schedule has FINALLY to something reasonably sane. Furthermore, I actually lost 16 pounds between Thanksgiving and the first of the year. Furthermore, my schedule this semester is such that the pool is actually an option.  

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