October 25, 2007

The Making of a Legend

 This has certainly been making the rounds but it does bear linking to.

Asshat reporter acts like pompous jerk.

Asshat reporter proudly blogs about his asshattery.

For possibly the only time in the entire history of the serious biddness that is the intwerweb (from as far back as when it was a series of straws) 196 commenters are in complete agreement on something.

Thank you asshat reporter.

You indirectly made me  LOL.

You are truly a legendary asshat.

Update: Docweasel, who preserved the legendary moment of internet unity, has relevant updates here and here. The reporter is taking pains to cover for his wire service (which shows professionalism) and does seem contrite. He seems like a pushy arrogant little cuss, but most reporters are. If they weren't there wouldn't be any Spider Jerusalem would there? Docweasel considers the issue closed.

Credit where its due, he’s not cutting and running, as he easily could, he’s come back to explain, apologize and take his licks. Ok, that chapter is done, its rude and useless to keep bashing the guy once he’s apologized.

 Fair enough. Additionally being IN Iraq and OUTSIDE the green zone puts him way ahead of a lot of reporters. So, loyal Brickmuppeteers, don't go harassing the guy on his new blog, that's tacky, stalky, and otherwise smells of Code Pinko behavior...just don't.

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1 Thanks for the link. I’ve also posted some emails I exchanged with him, where he seems genuinely contrite, but then he took down the entire site. I also posted an email defending him from someone claiming to be a colleague, from the SacBee server, so maybe its legit, who knows. Anyway, thanks for linking.

Posted by: docweasel at Thu Oct 25 22:17:08 2007 (ACIZZ)

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