December 18, 2011

Simplifying the Impossible

Over at Jerry Pournelles place there is commentary on an extended missive he received via mail on the subject of the Dean Drive and how to fix the problems in that system by adding a cat to the mechanism.

A brief excerpt:

Orient the vehicle so the driving (cat) end of the cradle is pointed AWAY from the intended post-cat-activation direction of flight. Using the vessel’s ordinary means of propulsion (assumed for this experiment to be either a rocket, ion thruster, or similar reaction engine), place the vessel under a sufficient amount of acceleration that the cat does not experience microgravity. This initial baseline acceleration should be along the line between the astronaut station and the cat station, towards the cat.

Place the astronaut in the chair and the cat in the harness. While the astronaut holds the cat at arms’ length, attach the hook to the cat’s harness and inspect all fastenings for proper attachment and locking.

Given the obviously earth shaking nature of this breakthrough I am loath to publish more here for fear of patent infringement.   However, you can view the future yourself over there and while you're at it subscribe.

I note a good deal of complexity seems to be inherent in the proposed system. Therefore I propose a simpler arrangement which is described behind this tag, Here at Brickmuppet Blog, we try to make the impossible simple.

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